New loyalty project in cooperation with FISKARS

Discover the joy of cooking! With this slogan, the new loyalty campaign with FISKARS knives and kitchen helpers is running over twelve weeks from 13th January to 20th April, in 81 famila markets - the leading department store company in North Germany.


The loyalty promotion at famila

Since the 13th January famila has rewarded its customers for their loyalty. famila customers receive a loyalty point at the checkout for five euro purchase value. For 20 loyalty points the customer can choose a loyalty item at a special price. During the promotion famila customers can save up to 60 percent versus the regular price. The additional charge for customers varies depending on the product and is between € 3.99 and € 13.99. The loyalty promotion will run until 6th April, the collective booklets are redeemable up by the 20th of April 2014. At the POS, the bonus offer of the promotion is presented on high-quality displays. A media mix of homepage integration, handouts and POS advertising materials also ensures maximum attention.


First-class knives and kitchen helpers

The premium package includes a total of eleven FISKARS products - from red dot award winning chef's knife, a selection of innovative kitchen helpers up to the classic Fiskars scissors with the orange, ergonomic handles. All products integrate perfectly into any modern kitchen. Fiskars Kitchen gadgets facilitate cutting, help refine and make a good figure when stirring. Thanks to the exciting design and the impressive properties, creativity in the kitchen knows no boundaries.


Cooperation with Fiskars

Together with our brand partner Fiskars we have developed a loyalty programme that supports our client famila in relationship management to its customers. The time-limited customer loyalty programme is attention-grabbing, arouses a desire to buy and activates the collecting passion of the end-user. The service portfolio includes the management of all processes related to programme, logistics and customer service. famila benefits from our many years of experience in the conception and implementation of loyalty programmes.

Fiskars itself is a world leading brand that provides functional, user-friendly and long-lasting design solutions for tools, cutting tools and related products. Fiskars - founded in 1649 - is the oldest company in Finland. In 1967, Fiskars marketed the world's first pair of scissors with plastic handles. Since then, the orange scissors have been sold more than 1 billion times worldwide. This "design icon" has ensured that the Fiskars Orange has become everywhere in the world a synonym for Fiskars. Now Fiskars is the world's most famous scissor brand. Read more about the company on www.fiskarsgroup.com.


famila - better than good!

famila is the leading department store operator in North Germany. The currest distribution area of the 81 department stores of famila northeast includes: Schleswig- Holstein, Hamburg , Mecklenburg -Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Niedersachsen und Nordrhein-Westfalen. With around 7.000 employees, the company is among the largest employers in the region. The hypermarkets with a size from 2.000 m² to 5.000 m² offer a wide and deep range in the food industry. Additionally famila stocks a non-food assortment according to the local needs.
In 2012, for the first time famila thanked its customers with a loyalty campaign in selected provinces. Subsequently, the implementation followed throughout the sales territory .
In 2013 famila was awarded with the German Service Award 2013 of the channel n-tv and the German Institute for Service Quality in the category “Food and gastronomy”.
More information about the company can be found on www.famila-nordost.de.

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